Foldable Lens Implants

This is a NEW foldable lens implant magnified 600% and pushed halfway out of its needle size implant tube.
The actual size of an intraocular lens is much smaller than a dime.

The development of new materials and technology has produced a lens replacement for cataracts that is soft and so flexible it can roll up and fit inside a specially designed implant device that is about the same size as a needle. The foldable lens can be inserted through an incision much smaller than required in traditional cataract surgery.

Advantages of no-stitch/small
incision surgery?

* Faster recovery of good vision

* Faster return to normal activities

* Good vision in a matter of days instead of weeks or even months

* Return home within hours of the procedure

* Reduces the chances of surgically induced astigmatism or ruptured sutures

* No needle sticks

Cataract Symptoms

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